Why I can't see the indicators?

Hey, if you're feeling like Sherlock Holmes trying to find those elusive indicators, we've got your back. First things first, give your TradingView username a once-over to make sure it's playing nice.

Now, hit refresh on your browser or app, and sneak a peek into your invite-only scripts tab on TradingView. Fingers crossed, they're just playing hide-and-seek.

If the indicators are still MIA, no stress. Just shoot us a message. Drop us an email at <insert email>, or ping @FundedCoffee on Telegram. Toss in your email and TradingView username, and our support squad will swoop in like trading superheroes to sort it out in a jiffy.

Because, hey, we're in this together. Here's to uncorking the secrets of your trading success! 🚀📈

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