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Are you a Trader who doesnt believe in Trends and you enjoy the dopamine rush of Entering on the tippy top or.. bottomy bottom..?.. anyway.. of the Market? Then our Reversal System is just right for you!

Precision Timing:

  • UpstreamReversal leverages advanced algorithms to pinpoint potential market reversals with unparalleled accuracy. Our system is designed to provide traders with precise entry and exit points, helping you stay ahead of market shifts.

Entry Labels and Visual Highlights:

  • Buy and Sell Labels: Entries are clearly indicated by "Buy" and "Sell" labels. This straightforward representation ensures you're always in the loop about your trade directions.

  • Visual Highlights: The system goes a step further by highlighting entry points visually. This visual aid offers a clear idea of where your Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) targets could be.

Money Bag for TP:

  • Money Bag: Ever wondered when your trade hits the TP target? Look for the money bag icon – a symbol of a successful Take Profit. While it's a suggestion, it adds a visual confirmation when your trade reaches the desired outcome.

Flexibility in SL and TP Values:

  • Tailor to Your Preferences: Here's the beauty – you can customize the values for Stop Loss and Take Profit to align with your risk tolerance and trading strategy. The system acknowledges that every trader is unique, allowing you to adapt it to your liking.

  • Turn Off or Modify: Feel free to turn off the predefined SL and TP settings if you have your own plans in mind. The system respects your autonomy, ensuring it serves as a versatile tool rather than a rigid set of rules.

Navigating Reversals with the Moving Average Ribbon: Your Guide to Confirmation and Timely Exits

Now, let's shine a spotlight on the Moving Average Ribbon within the UpstreamTraders system. This dynamic feature serves a dual purpose – confirming reversals and offering a potential early exit strategy.

Confirming Reversals:

  • Reversal Indicator: The Moving Average Ribbon plays a pivotal role in signaling and confirming reversals. As it aligns with the market movement in your chosen direction, it becomes a powerful indicator that the trade is on the right track.

  • Visual Confirmation: The ribbon's visual representation adds clarity to reversal points, allowing you to make informed decisions based on a robust confirmation mechanism.

Potential Early Exit Strategy:

  • MA Direction Change: As the Moving Average (MA) within the ribbon changes its direction, it signals a potential early exit. This feature empowers you to stay ahead of market shifts and make timely decisions.

  • Flexibility in Exit Choices: Recognizing that every trader has a unique approach, UpstreamTraders provides the flexibility for you to use the MA Ribbon as a potential early exit strategy or combine it with other exit plans that suit your trading style.

Leveraging the Ribbon's Power:

  • Confirmation Tool: View the Moving Average Ribbon as a reliable confirmation tool, enhancing your confidence in the reversal direction.

  • Adapt to Market Conditions: The ribbon's adaptability allows it to respond to changing market conditions, giving you a dynamic tool that evolves with the ebb and flow of the market.

In summary, the Moving Average Ribbon in the UpstreamTraders system is not just a visual element; it's a strategic tool.

Optimizing Your Signal Selection with Channels and Exhaustion Bubbles: Your Ticket to Precision Trading

Let's delve into the powerhouse combination of Channels and Exhaustion Bubbles in the UpstreamTraders system. These elements act as a confluence, enabling you to cherry-pick the cream of the crop when it comes to trading signals.

Channels: A Strategic Framework

  • Signal Confirmation: Channels serve as a robust framework for confirming signals. When the price resides outside these channels or bands, it's a green flag – a confirmation that the conditions are aligning for a potential trade.

  • Visual Validation: The visual representation of channels on the chart offers a clear and concise way to assess the positioning of price movements, providing you with a visual roadmap for decision-making.

Exhaustion Bubbles: Adding Precision to Signals

  • Confluence with Price Movements: Exhaustion Bubbles act as a dynamic layer, adding a layer of precision to your signals. When these bubbles appear above or below candles, it's a tangible sign of potential exhaustion in the current trend.

  • Confirmation Check: Before diving into a trade, a quick checklist comes into play – Price outside channels? Check. Exhaustion Bubbles visible? Check. Entry signal on display? If the answer is yes, you've got the green light to seize the opportunity.

Confluence for Signal Optimization

  • Best of the Best Signals: The magic happens when channels and exhaustion bubbles align with entry signals. This confluence ensures that you're not just taking any trade; you're strategically selecting the best of the best signals.

  • Decision-Making Simplified: The combination of these elements simplifies your decision-making process. When all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, it's a cue to act decisively and with confidence.

In essence, the Channels and Exhaustion Bubbles in the UpstreamTraders system serve as your trading allies, providing a confluence that elevates the quality of your signals.

Unlocking System Personalization: Customization and Key Settings

Let's dive into the heart of the UpstreamTraders system – the settings that put you in control. Tailor your trading experience to perfection with these essential configurations.

Market Structure Candles:

  • Price Action Insight: Unique Market Structure Candles reveal systematic trend direction based on the MA Ribbon and offer insights into price action dynamics.


  • Strategic Trend Assessment: Divergence analysis adds another layer to understanding market direction. Pay close attention to divergence signals provided by the system to refine your trading decisions.

1. Color Customization:

  • Personalized Palette: Make the system truly yours by choosing colors that resonate with your trading vibes. You have the flexibility to customize every color, ensuring your charts align with your visual preferences.

2. HTF Filter – Riding the Trend Waves:

  • Higher Timeframe Magic: The HTF (Higher Timeframe) Filter leverages data from higher timeframes to identify trends. Here's the twist – it's a reversal system, but ever considered riding a lower timeframe reversal that aligns with the higher timeframe trend? Give it a shot – the results might just be mind-blowing!

3. Channel Sensitivity – Tailoring to Your Style:

  • Your Trading Tempo: The Channel Sensitivity setting empowers you to adjust the width of the channels. Feeling the need for faster signals? Opt for narrow bands. Prefer fewer signals but of higher quality? Widen those bands. This setting caters to your trading style and liking, ensuring the system aligns with your unique approach.

4. Experiment and Discover:

  • Insanity in Exploration: The beauty of these settings lies in experimentation. Feel free to play around, try different color schemes, explore HTF Filter variations, and fine-tune channel sensitivity. The system encourages you to discover what works best for you.

Risk Management Emphasis:

UpstreamReversal not only provides a powerful tool for identifying market reversals but also places a strong emphasis on responsible and effective risk management. Here's why integrating UpstreamReversal with sound risk management practices is crucial for successful trading:

  1. Preserving Capital:

    • Our system is designed to help traders preserve their capital by providing early signals of potential reversals. By incorporating UpstreamReversal into your trading strategy, you can make informed decisions that safeguard your investment in the face of market fluctuations.

  2. Setting Realistic Targets:

    • Understanding that no trading system is infallible, UpstreamReversal encourages users to set realistic profit targets and define acceptable levels of risk. This approach ensures that traders have a clear plan and are not overly influenced by market volatility.

  3. Stop-Loss Integration:

    • UpstreamReversal seamlessly integrates with standard risk management tools, including stop-loss orders. By setting appropriate stop-loss levels based on your risk tolerance, you can limit potential losses and protect your investment in volatile market conditions.

  4. Educational Resources on Risk Management:

    • Complementing the reversal system, UpstreamReversal provides comprehensive educational resources on effective risk management strategies. Our guides and tutorials empower traders to make informed decisions, manage risk, and optimize their overall trading performance.

  5. Community Discussions on Risk Mitigation:

    • Join our community forums to engage in discussions about risk management strategies with fellow traders. Share insights, learn from others' experiences, and collectively work towards minimizing the impact of market uncertainties.

  6. Regular Updates on Risk Considerations:

    • Stay informed about market trends and potential risk factors through regular updates from UpstreamReversal. Our commitment to transparency extends to keeping you well-informed, enabling you to adjust your risk management strategies as market conditions evolve.

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