🟡Swing System

Are you a Trader that is done sweating waterfalls with each Trade he takes? Are you done seeking the adrenaline rush on lower timeframes and you finally want to make some steady income without nearing a heart attack each Signal? Then guess what? You found the right System!

Elevate Your Trades with UpstreamSwing: Unleash Profit Potential in Every Market Swing

Precise Entry and Exit Points:

  • UpstreamSwing excels in identifying precise entry and exit points for swing trades. Leveraging advanced algorithms, the system analyzes market data to pinpoint optimal moments to enter a trade and strategically exit for maximum profit. This precision gives traders a competitive edge in capturing price swings with confidence.

Entry Labels and Visual Highlights:

  • Crystal-Clear Entries: "Buy" and "Sell" labels accompanied by directional arrows make swing point entries unmistakable. The visual clarity ensures you spot opportunities at a glance.

Take Profit Levels:

  • Triple-Tiered Options: The Swing System offers three take profit levels – TP1, TP2, and TP3. This flexibility empowers you to decide the holding duration based on your trading goals and market conditions.

Flexibility in SL and TP Values:

  • Tailored Precision: Customize stop loss and take profit values to align with your trading style and risk tolerance. This customization feature transforms the system into a unique tool tailored to your personality.

Color Customization:

  • Personalized Aesthetics: Change the system colors to match your preferences. Make it your own by selecting hues that resonate with your personality, creating a personalized trading environment.

MA/MA Ribbon:

  • Trend Direction Indicator: The Moving Average (MA) and MA Ribbon serve as compass needles, pointing you towards the overall trend direction. Trading with the trend enhances your probability of success.


  • Market Context Awareness: Bands provide insights into the market's current position. If close to the outer bands, consider the trade carefully. They can also serve as formidable target points for substantial trades.

Exhaustion Bubbles:

  • Market Fatigue Signal: Exhaustion Bubbles act as fatigue indicators, signaling that the market might be "tired" out. Consider them alongside bands for a comprehensive understanding and to gauge potential pullbacks.


  • Strategic Trend Assessment: Divergence analysis adds another layer to understanding market direction. Pay close attention to divergence signals provided by the system to refine your trading decisions.

Market Structure Candles:

  • Price Action Insight: Unique Market Structure Candles reveal systematic trend direction based on the MA Ribbon and offer insights into price action dynamics.

In essence, the UpstreamTraders Swing System for higher timeframes isn't just a trading tool; it's a comprehensive toolkit. From precise entries and flexible exits to trend direction indicators, exhaustion signals, and unique market structure insights – it's all here to elevate your swing trading experience.

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